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Let there be rock indeed...

This page contains all of my past featured artists/songs. I update the featured artist slot on the homepage with new songs that I have recently discovered and enjoy. I strongly suggest downloading these songs to get the full experience of "Dobro's Rock Barn".

Quiet Riot: Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

Poor guy...He can't bang his head anymore...

Deep Purple: Space Truckin'

"COME ON!!!!"

The Eagles: Hotel California

What can I say, one of the greatest songs EVER

Blue Oyster Cult: Veteran of the Psychic Wars


White Snake: Judgement Day

Isn't on the album but I liked the

Blue Oyster Cult: Black Blade

This is a fun song: "GROW!!!!!" lol

Great White: Mista Bone

"Great guitar solo and Great White"

Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker

Led Zeppelin II

Rush: Xanadu

"To walk the caves of ICE!!!"

Judas Priest: Between the Hammer and the Anvil

HELL yeah!!! (Get it???)

Ted Nugent: Stranglehold

"The Nuge after spotting a liberal bastard..."

Yes: Southside of the Sky


Rush: A Passage To Bangkok

"2112 baby, what an album!!!"

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