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Welcome to Dobro's Rock Barn. Let me tell you right now that this site is fanatically devoted to the electric guitar. Be it hard rock or progressive, the main selling points of these songs are the solos. But basically at this site we rock until the cows come home. Hence the word "barn". Stay tuned for some great "kontent", reviews and much much more...

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"Man, this site is Bitchin'. I really think it's coming together..."

"Rush is awesome..."

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Click Here For Exclusive Snakes and Arrows Review

Snakes and Arrows-An all new Rush album out 5/1/07!!

"Vocal Maturity!!!"

Subsequent tour kicks off 6/13/07 in Atlanta

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Aphrodite's Child: The Four Horsemen

"They went for shock value with this album title."

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  • Dobro's favorite guitar solos updated and condensed! (4/19/07)

  • Dobro's Picks Updated (4/18/07)

  • Led Zeppelin DVD review coming soon...

Path To Musical Perfection (PMP)

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