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Rock of Ages- The Definitive Collection

Rock of Ages- The Definitive Collection

By Def Leppard

The Music

If you happen to be a Def Leppard fan this collection is for you. You’ll find the all the biggest hits from the Def Leppard Library sandwiched into this 2 disc, 35-track anthology. It’s also 15 bucks for the 35 tracks. Now that’s a deal that even Bob Barker couldn’t top. This collection expands on the earlier released "vault’ greatest hits album with the monster hits "Women" and "Too Late". You pretty much get every Def Leppard song worth listening to whether it be from the albums, "On through the night" all the way to "X". Other songs that aren’t as well known make up a large portion of the CD’s and give you a taste of the earlier/later Def Leppard Legacy. While I loved all of the hits, some of the songs just ruin the experience. Basically the songs from the more recent albums deviate from the classic /rock/pop style of Def Leppard. They could actually be classified as "punk" or just plain old "pop". It made me want to puke so I resisted the impulse and just decided not to put the bad ones on my ipod. You basically get arded with such a volume of songs that these album farts luckily don’t make a difference in the explosion of monster hits. For example, make sure you listen to "Photograph" or "Rock of Ages" and my personal favorite, "Women".

Track Listing

(I’ll greenlight my recommendations, goldlight my favorite and redlight the ones I despise)


    1. Pour Some Sugar On Me (HISTORIA video edit)
    2. Photograph
    3. Love Bites
    4. Let's Get Rocked
    5. Two Steps Behind (acoustic version)
    6. Animal
    7. Heaven Is
    8. Foolin'
    9. Rocket (VISUALIZE video edit)
    10. When Love & Collide
    11. Armageddon It
    12. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?
    13. Rock Of Ages
    14. Hysteria
    15. Miss You In A Heartbeat
    16. Bringin' On The Heartbreak
    17. Switch 625
    18. Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
    19. Let It Go
    20. High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)
    21. Too Late For Love
    22. No Matter What
    23. Promises
    24. Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
    25. Women
    26. Another Hit And Run
    27. Slang
    28. Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)
    29. Rock Brigade
    30. Now
    31. Paper Sun
    32. Work It Out
    33. Die Hard The Hunter
    34. Wasted
    35. Billy's Got A


Presentation and Extras

The presentation of this collection is the best I’ve seen compared to all the other CDs I own. The booklet/front cover of the album has a UK flag with what looks like a big eyeball. Inside the booklet you’ll find a foreword by some guy that serves as a look back into the history of Def Leppard. Then you’ll find a collection of color photos that look pretty cool. A list of tracks is found about halfway through the booklet and each song has a tidbit of history behind it as well. The 2 CD’s look kind of cool as well with a shiny, plastic look to them. But do the looks really matter that much?! Get out there, buy the album and ROCK OUT!!!





Def Leppard wants You!!!

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