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Witness for yourself why this game won't appeal to you if you enjoy Paper Mario games...

July 23 2008 -

Super Paper Mario, quite simply, is the most disappointing game I've ever played.
What must gone through the development team's mind when the concept for Super Paper Mario was being laid out?

"Let's create a really weak story and introduce a new villian with no personality whatsoever!"

"Oh! I've got an idea! Let's completely remove all of the series' RPG elements so that anyone who enjoyed the first two games will be thrown under the bus!"

"Let's develop the entire game engine on GameCube, and then at the last minute let's switch it over to Wii with over-simplified controls to further alienate our fanbase!"

Super Paper Mario, billed as "Mario's first game on Wii!", is also tied with Mario Party 8 as Mario's worst game on Wii. It's impossible to imagine how the Paper Mario series could have been botched any more.

The Paper Mario series, since the debut of the original Paper Mario in February 2001, has collectively sold over 3 million copies from it's first two iterations, the most recent of which was the The Thousand-Year Door on GameCube, released in October 2004.

The critical acclaim from those two games can still be read about today, and it's uncanny ability to attract new RPG players with it's intuitive battle system has yet to be duplicated by any other game company. Super Paper Mario slaps the series in the face, and the fact that it's made by the same studio as the first two games only further boggles the mind.

This review could continue to go on about how bad Super Paper Mario is, but the point has been made.


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