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Super Paper Mario Hands-On Impressions


Not an RPG? Check.
Worse than the first two? Check.
Why the change for the worse? Who the hell knows.

Super Paper Mario is a prime example of a mixed bag. Aside from the trademark 2D/3D paper visuals, characters, and familiar humorous text, Super Paper Mario is not a true Paper Mario game.
Let's start off with what Super Paper Mario has going for it before we dive into what makes it ultimately disappointing.
The game has a solid story that easily rivals the plot from the first two games as far as engaging the player in the game's world. Count Bleck, the new villian, is hilarious, and he always makes for a good laugh during the sometimes-lenghthy text-bubble conversations.
Mario controls well, as the developer, Intelligent Systems, chose to make the plumber faster and jump higher to keep pace with the main focus of the game relying on reaching high platforms rather than seeking out battles to level-up.
As everyone by now knows, Super Paper Mario was a GameCube game for 90% if it's development cycle before Nintendo made the decision to switch platforms to ensure the game returned a profit at retail. With that in mind, the Wii Remote obviously plays an important role in the game, as the game doesn't require any use of the Nunchuk attachment.
Players hold the Wii Remote sidways, similiar to the NES controller, and use the d-pad to move Mario while using the 2 button to jump. The A button switches the perspective from 2D to 3D, the 1 button shows how the controls are mapped to the Remote, and the pointer functionality is used at any time to pause the action on the screen and point the Remote at the screen to find out information about enemies or seek hidden doors or item chests.
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