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Don't ask me why two months are missing, I don't want to talk about it...

April 28 2006 - I like it. I like it, and I don't care who knows it. We all knew 'Revolution' was going, and that it was only a matter of time. Though it took the world by surprise, it had to be done.

     If Nintendo had dropped the name 'Wii' on us the day of their E3 press briefing, the focus would have been on the name, and not the console and it's software, which is where the attention should be. Clearly, a lot of people need the next week and a half to let it sink it and grow on them. So, it was definitely good that it happened this many days before E3.
     It really, really isn't a bad name. Was I absolutely shocked and dumbfounded when I first saw it this morning? Absolutely. It took the whole day, until now at 11:45pm, to finally sink in. And it has. I really like the name of the system. It's genuine, it's fresh, it's original, and it's very straightforward. Plus, no one can deny that it has that awesome 'iPod' charm to it.
     Now, for all the people who hate it, and think it's going to change; you're insane. All of you. It's not going to change back. The new Nintendo system is the Nintendo Wii, not the Nintendo Revolution. Just get over it. 'Revolution' was too long anyway; I'm glad it finally changed.
     Besides, it wouldn't matter if it was called the Nintendo Pillow; If it has great software we're going to buy it,  and we're going to play it. It's not about the name, it's about the games.


April 21 2006 - Things are starting to gear up. Over the next two weeks, leading into May 9th, sites like IGN and 1UP will be teaming with news bites and teaser media of upcoming games from the big publishing houses out there.

     Mostly though, people are excited about the Revolution, since we pretty much know everything about PS3, and well, no one really cares about the 360.

     My gut instinct tells me that Revolution will get a name change. I mean, think about it. Nintendo is showing Revolution to the public at E3, (not directly, but through the attending press), they keep insisting and printing it as "Codename: Revolution", and they're flying some kid all the way to E3 to show the world the first consumer playing it. Officially unveiling something usually means it gets a final moniker. Yes, I'm right. Thank You.
     With this whole Twilight Princess business, I really don't know what to think. If I had to venture a guess, I would say it launches for Revolution as a GameCube title with Revolution-exclusive features. Hard to swallow? Eh, maybe.
     I don't see the big deal with the Virtual Console being able to download Genesis games. Sega has saturated every platform in existence with the original Sonic games. GameCube (twice), PS2, PC (at least 4 times), GameTap online game download service, I know I'm missing a few. Listen, Sega. WE'VE ALL PLAYED THEM, AND YOU KNOW WHAT? THEY'RE NOT EVEN THAT FUN. I'm sure that this might just be me and a few others, but I really don't even like Sonic games. You don't even control him half the time, and the whole dying if you run out of rings was never, ever, once appealing to me. Plus, Sonic has never, ever evolved. Every time Sega has tried to push him out of side-scrolling, he's failed miserably. Every single time. We have no reason to believe this new Sonic for PS3 and 360 will be any different. Sonic Adventure (DC, GCN) was the closest Sonic ever came to growing up and evolving, but it just ended up being an un-Sonic-like ridiculous fetch quest. If Mario hadn't made the successful transition from 2D to 3D, Nintendo 64 would have tanked, and Nintendo itself right along with it. Maybe Sega needs to let Miyamoto take Sonic for a spin and see what he comes up with. Sega obviously can't handle it.


February 27 2005 - Wow, this is hilarious. I've just seen Microsoft's handheld. Cool? Eh. Powerful? Maybe. Expensive? Oh, yes. Original? Hell no. My only question is, have they not seen the rivalry between the DS and PSP for the last year and a half? Have they completely missed the fact that not only does the DS have more than twice the installed base of the PSP, but Sony itself is pulling the plug on most UMD releases because they're performing so poorly?

     Well, besides the fact that Microsoft's new handheld is most definitely going to bomb, it can't even be called a game machine. It's a PDA, with the extra ability to play games. The ultimate freedom? Hardly. More like the ultimate rip-off. I mean, it's only a matter of time before the iPod comes with the ability to play games. What seperates that from Microsoft's 'Origami'? Absolutely nothing. Oh, sure, you could argue that iPod is music centric. But the Origami certainly isn't gaming centric.

     He with the best games wins. At least in the end. That wasn't true with N64 vs Playstation or GCN vs PS2/ Xbox, but eventually it'll turn around. I mean, nobody can honestly tell me that GCN doesn't have the best first-party lineup on the block. Or, rather, the world. You can't maintain a lead forever if the company that makes the console doesn't produce games for it's own platform.

     Anyway, water under the bridge...



November 4 2005 - What a busy, irritating month or so it has been since I last posted an editorial.  Mostly, though, it's just been irritating.  As I said before, the holidays are fast approaching, and that means big, big stuff for the videogame industry.

     The other day, I had the opportunity to play a demo Xbox 360 unit at a local Wal-Mart.  Though as excited as I originally was to finally be able to play a next-generation game console, my excitement was quickly replaced by stunned disappointment.  First of all, the controller is too small, and except for two new horizontally placed shoulder buttons, it is exactly the same as the controller-S for Xbox. Though, as I said before, smaller and less comfortable.  Second, the demo selection of 10 or so playable launch games made me happy I wasn't planning on buying a 360 in the first place.  It is simply pitiful.  If Kameo, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Call of Duty 2 is really all Microsoft can muster for it's next console, then what little success the PSP has had will have no problem trumping Xbox 360 sales for a long time to come.  On a side note, I couldn't help but notice that there was no mention whatsoever of Perfect Dark: Zero on the demo disc. That is rather peculiar, especially when you consider that Microsoft has been touting it as a competent stand-in for a new Halo.  Maybe all the rumors flying around about the online mode sucking are true. Third, and most certainly least important, is the 360's "next-generation" graphics.  I'm sorry, but if those graphics are really supposed to motivate me to want to buy a 360, then Microsoft needs to do more than show off nifty light effects that I can easily see while playing the first-generation GameCube game Luigi's Mansion.

     In other news, third-party GameCube ports of multiplatform titles continue to be nixxed, due to exceedingly lazy developers who can't seem to find a way to ask Sega's Phantasy Star team how to utilize GameCube's modem and broadband capabilities...



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