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Ganon Confirmed for Twilight Princess

You can't honestly say that you didn't see this one coming... What did you think the 12 month delay was for?

January 24 2006 - Via the January issue of Nintendo Power, we now know that all the extra time that Twilight Princess is having in the cooker, is certainly not in vain.
     In the article, Nintendo Power sat down with one of the head developers of the new Zelda, and gained a few key insights into what is expected to be the greatest game of this generation.
     The classic villain of the series, Ganon (the superior form of Ganandorf), is now confirmed to be the villian in the new game. Setting aside all the rumors that the "twilight shadows" were in possession of the role of the antagonist.
     Also, just to make the 7 or 8 month wait even more unbearable, Nintendo revealed that "we're preparing more than you could ever, ever, expect."
     Damn them. Just when I'd completely forgotten that the game existed...

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