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Global Revolution launch in 2006


Company president says they will go for a simultaneous worldwide launch sometime next year...

November 4 2005 - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated in an interview last week in Business Weekly that his company is aiming to launch Revolution around the same period in all 4 territories sometime next year.
     If the Big N holds to it, it would mark the first time the company has ever launched a console at the same time in more than two territories.
     During the course of the interview, Iwata stated that if the Revolution console doesn't outsell the GameCube, it will by all accounts be considered a "complete failure."
     Since it's launch in November of 2001, the GameCube console has seen a significant decline in sales since the peak of it's popularity in 2002 and 2003. Many attribute it's third place position in the current console race to it's lack of online support and focus on software geared more towards a younger audience. The delay of the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess into next year only further worsened the system's waning popularity.
     At 18.73 million GCN units sold since it's inception less than 5 years ago, the Revoluton would have to sell at least 6.27 million more units than the GameCube within the same amount of time to even be considered a moderate success.
     Here's hoping the Revolution controller works some of that Nintendo magic...

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