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Well, with another E3 come and gone, we can look back and say, at far as this year is concerned, what a complete waste of time.
With Nintendo being so hell-bent on making sure "casual gamers" know about their products, it's a wonder they gave the people that were actually paying attention to E3 any notice at all. You know... actual gamers.
It was so nice of Nintendo to announce at least one game for the "core", a new Animal Crossing with a room-encompassing voice-chat solution. Not exactly what we had in mind, but a solution nevertheless. And the eight seconds they spent on vaguely confirming that their internal development teams were busy making sequels to popular franchises was somewhat refreshing. Although, since E3 is the only media event during the year that Nintendo actually holds a high-profile press conference for, you'd think they would have come a little better prepared.
The biggest news from the show came a day before the show, When Nintendo released a brief statement teasing the new Wii MotionPlus attachment giving the Wii Remote yet another peripheral for "more precise wrist-movement tracking". The only problem is the only game they announced in support of the new attachment is a sequel to Wii Sports, a game that doesn't interest gamers at all.
Since reliable sources have been reporting for months that Nintendo is plugging away on a Kid Icarus revival and a third Pikmin for the Wii, it seems like Nintendo dropped the ball pretty badly this year.
At least last year they announced release dates for big holiday releases like Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Brawl, while unveiling the long-awaited, inevitable Wii installment of Mario Kart.
But, as Shigeru Miyamoto put it so kindly this past week: "E3 is no longer a show for us to unveil core games, but more as a place to show off casual games for the mainstream press". Honestly, it's a wonder game press was even invited at all. An email sent out to game press with the sentence "Animal Crossing for Wii this holday, with voice-chat" would have been sufficient.

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